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Selling Higher & Faster.

Bernie studied real estate marketing, has been in the industry for 35+ years and sold 1,000+ homes by applying a huge marketing action plan to his listings.

All his properties are extensively marketed not only locally but are globally seen by thousands of potential buyers a day.

A Marketing & Networking Realtor is not only focused on selling more homes, but rather on causing homes to sell for more. 

A Marketing & Networking Realtor goes after Buyers and does not wait for the Buyers to call him.

Everybody knows a nice Realtor or 2 or 3. But are they all qualified to deal with the biggest transaction of your life? It is the quality of the Realtor and his business and educational background as well as quality and quantity of his/her marketing actions that sell properties higher and faster.

So, do not judge a book by its cover.


I pride myself to apply one of the biggest marketing actions plans of all Vancouver Realtors and thereby, promoting my clients' property sales on a massive scale. In other words, the more buzz we create the more showings we arrange. Hence, the more offers we generate and the higher we sell.

It's that simple.


Unfortunately, too many real estate agents take a “list and pray” attitude toward their home-selling clients – trying to get away with sticking a sign into the dirt, a lock-box on the door and two or three cell phone photos on the MLS listing. Sure, that might work in a hot sellers’ market, but it may also fail. 


Are you willing to take that chance? 


Since you will pay the same amount for the list-and-pray agent as you will for the guerilla marketer, shouldn’t you do your best to find the latter and eschew the former when looking for help to sell your home? The key to getting lots of folks through the front door of your home for sale requires a comprehensive and targeted plan as well as a robust marketing budget to back up that plan. Keep this in mind when you’re interviewing listing agents to help sell your home. Don’t be afraid to ask them for a copy of their marketing plans, ask to see examples of past marketing efforts and ensure that the agent has the money to put that plan into action. And in case you are one of those rather rare species trying to sell your home on your own ask yourself what your marketing program is, if any, and how many thousands of $ you are prepared to spend on it.


Getting the listing price right isn’t rocket science


It’s true that pricing a home too high may cause it to languish on the market and the homeowner may even end up getting less for it than hoped. But overpriced homes are typically the work of homeowners, not real estate agents. Determining the market value of a home isn’t rocket science – it’s something every rooky Realtor learns at UBC. Sure, with practice comes perfection, but coming up with market value isn’t our most important task when we take a listing – marketing most certainly is the focus when planning to sell your home. Marketing, in a nutshell, is the megaphone for your listing when trying to sell your home– it screams to the world that your house is for sale, that it’s worth taking a look at and why it’s better than the competition. While there are many ways to accomplish this, the best includes a combination of several. One of the most important weapons in the marketing arsenal, however, is photography.


Photographs can make or break the sale of a home


North-Americans are visual creatures and nothing proves this more than the Internet. Websites such as Pinterest achieved their success through the visual medium. Advertising agencies understand this concept and spend weeks to complete a single, what seems to be simple, photo shoot. Because they were hired to convince us to purchase a service or product, photography takes on a critical role when attempting to sell your home. 


The same holds true in the real estate industry. 


Take a tour of any real estate site that offers a glimpse into the local MLS and you’ll find far too many listings that lack any photos at all or offer up photos of homes that are blurry, off center and just downright curious in many cases. Since most home-buyers take to the Internet to begin their search for a home, these photos are useless to the poor homeowner who is just trying to move on to the next phase in her or his life. 

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Marketing & Networking Realtor

What's the difference between 

a Marketing Realtor and 

a listing agent?

  • A Marketing Realtor does not merely seek to list homes, but instead, is committed to comprehensively market properties and overall lifestyles.

  • A Marketing Realtor is not focused on selling more homes, but rather on causing homes to sell for more.

  • A Marketing Realtor specializes in property promotion and not personal promotion.

  • A Marketing Realtor will work with the home seller to create a customized marketing plan that conveys to buyers and buyer agents the overall value of your entire lifestyle.

  • A Marketing Realtor is highly skilled at strategic pricing, negotiating, staging, merchandising, marketing, networking and transaction management.

  • A Marketing Realtor focuses more on what makes your lifestyle different than what makes themselves different.

  • A Marketing Realtor understands that homes compete but don’t compare.

If you are looking for a great Real Estate Agent in Vancouver I highly recommend Bernie. He is extremely honest, reliable, knowledgeable and hard working. Bernie makes sure to get the best deal for his client. Thank you again Bernie for a great service.
Corinna K.

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